title. Cha(nging)ttanooga, Tennessee Valley, Columbia GSAPP

date. Fall Semester, 2016

city. Chattanooga, Tennessee

description. Cities are not autonomous. They rely on networks of interconnected systems: infrastructural, economic, environmental, political, social, and many others. The complexity of these networks is tied to hierarchies of historical and ongoing decisions made across geographies and scales. This research project consisted in examine a particular American city and region whose functioning is tied to their natural or man-made boundaries and conditions. The territory was analyzed through selected and assigned system categories which enable the region to operate and change. How do urban and regional systems interact, overlap, and co-produce spatial and social conditions?

team. Carmelo Ignaccolo, Dissa Pidanti Raras, Deniz Onder

publication. Abstract Catalog 2017

Summarized explanation of the analyzed developed in Chattanooga using four specific systems
Final Board explaining how every system is measured in its own specific scales and those are the ones defining the region
Diagram explaining the relationship of water and air pollution with the development of the city throughout the years.