title. Vertical City

date. 2013

city. Callao, Peru

description. In this studio I developed a territorial, urban, and local analysis within the Callao Province. Based on this urban study, the location of a hybrid building was determined, whose functions would respond to the traditional activities developed in that district. Innovative and long-term structural solutions are developed in the architectural proposal.

awards. Winner Project of the Javier Cayo Annual Competition 

The building is made up of residential apartments, offices, small business shops, workshops, common recreational spaces and parking lots. These elements convert the project into a hybrid building. The objective of this intervention was to consolidate the different daily functions of the city in only one building and apply the concept of the vertical city. In this way, the architectural proposal could house a large number of inhabitants in the building, using less area on the surface and controlling future urban expansion.

Model evolution process throughout the semester
Vertical programming within the building
Tower perspective and plan views of three different levels of the towwer (parking lots lever, commercial level and residential lever)
Urban analysis of the site defining three specific sites for the intervention