title. Middle and High School Project in Villa Maria del Triunfo

date. 2012

city. Lima, Peru

description. In this Studio I developed a Middle and High School Project in the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo in Lima, Peru. Before starting the architectural design, an urban analysis of the location was done in order to understand the existing situation of the district and its needs. As a group, all the students from the workshop conducted a survey of facades of all the blocks around the chosen piece of land where the project was going to be located in order to understand the district-scale of the place. Also a mapping of all the educational buildings around the piece of land was done to confirm if there was an existing demand for an educational building in the area and to verify if there was the lack of appropriate infrastructure to develop this type of project.

team. Andrea Cacho

awards. Winner Project of the Javier Cayo Annual Competition 

Urban analysis of the site and Master Plan proposal
Longitudinal sections of the project
Final Model
1st Level Architectural Plan View
1st Level Structural Plan View
Tranversal Sections of each building
Structural details of the project